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 Behind the Project #1

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PostSubject: Behind the Project #1   Behind the Project #1 Icon_minitimeFri Jun 22, 2012 1:04 am

This is a blog post that I made on Deviantart for a few friends of mine and some family members. I basically wrote this to explain why I've gone into writing. I won't spam them on this forum if that would be easier, but if you'd like more on here, just let me know and I'll upload here too. Thank you guys for reading!

I will start making a short behind-the-book series that highlights different parts of my writing. I hope to go more in depth as my writing prowess and progress on the book increase. I'm glad to keep you guys in the loop as I get closer to my goal of eventually gettin this useless thing published. Thank you so much for your support, and I hope this little blurb will show my appreciation for the help that I have recieved from both of you.

Project SURGE is a story that I've been writing for some time, even during periods when I abandoned writing all together. The first full story that I ever wrote down was The Skeleton Republic, a book about a teenager growing up in a futuristic society. Influenced heavily by Harry Potter and Eragon, this story had almost no structure, and had no underlying themes or importance of its own. It was utter crap, and reading over it makes me a little embarassed.

I never imagined that core elements of this story would form the backbone to a much larger, much more ambitious project. As such, I abandoned writing The Skeleton Republic after the 8th grade, and gave up writing entirely once I entered freshman year. Then, I died, or at least I felt like I did. I was diagnosed with Chron's disease, an autoimmune disease that I had been carrying unknowingly my entire life. Chron's disease characterizes a lifelong scenario where the immune system accidently classifies the stomach as a virus and relentlessly attacks it. My stomach was being torn apart, and as a result, I was taking in no calories or fuel from my food. I was literraly wilting away, and I came very, very close to death.

It took two years for me to fully recover, during which I found several other diseases and structural illnesses within my body that were bringing me a lifetime of pain. My perception of the human body changed dramatically over time. I never realized, but I was carrying internal crosses that brought me pain MY ENTIRE LIFE. I began to see diseases as corruptive forces that changed and altered the body in a horrifying manner.

Yet there was definetly a positive from this. For one thing, the disease will be with me my whole life, but I can control it, which is rare. I can make the disease benign, meaning that I can operate without having to worry about the awful side effects. This gives me an internal demon that I will always combat and never forget. This can influence my job, my writing style, and my perception of life. I will always work to help other overcome my illness, and use my experience to give others strength, especially in my career as a nurse.

Another positive is that I now have a set of important themes that make up my own life. The corruptive power of disease can be seen as a metaphor for many demons I face in my life, including family turmoil, career difficulties, philosophy and interacting with others. But there are so many positives that come from corruption, as the body can adapt and a person can change to become stronger. These themes make up my core beliefs, and will also influence my writing.

My junior year of high school was where the positives finally began to outnumber the negatives. I took AP US History, joined the school play, and worked in competitive track and cross country. I was working upwards of nine hours a day, writing one minute, studying the next, running the next, and singing the next. I was so busy, and yet I was enjoying myself oh so much. Then I started getting C's in my creative writing class.

One C after another, my grade in english began to drop to the floor. Mr. Isaac, the creative writing teacher, was brutally unforgiving of my primitive writing style. Paper after paper, he refused to let me slip by with any sloppiness, lack of structure, disorginazation or lack of overlying theme. It took me two long years of nonstop writing, failing tests, and dropping grades.

This class was one of the best I have ever taken. Junior and senior year saw a huge improvement of my writing. I never got a single A in this class until my last semester of senior year, yet it was SO WORTH getting to that point. My understanding of writing and the art of storytelling has improved so much. Now I understand how authors are able to weave interlocking themes effortlessly with a story. An author is NEVER just telling a story: there is always an important meaning behind EVERY. SINGLE. WORD.

I started using the writing and analysis techniques from Mr. Isaac's class on my own life. I began to see the overall structure of my life, to understand the importance of several events on shaping my experience with the world.

Then I started thinking about that old story I wrote, the Skeleton Republic. I analysed characters, plot structure, and overarching themes. Slowly but surely, the seeds of thought were planted one by one within my conciousness....

What if the themes of my life could be intertwined with a science-fiction story that I've always wanted to tell? What if that story was gutted, much like my own body was torn apart, and turned into something equally terrifying and beautiful? What if a new story could be written with techniques that would empower my writing in unimaginable ways?

Thus Project Surge was born.

Thank you for taking the time to read this self-important ranting. I hope I've set the stage for a much more interesting project than any of the gibberish that I produced before this point.

It's time to back to the basics.
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Behind the Project #1
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