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PostSubject: Introductions   Fri May 18, 2012 11:30 pm

I know you all know each other, but just to get people posting, and because i am curious, this post is for sharing your tastes in literature, your opinions and preferred methods of writing, and so on.

For example, here is me, for both reading and writing,

I favor 3rd person writing, Though my best work is usually first person because I only do first person if i have a character complex and interesting enough for someone to get inside their head. I disapprove of 2nd person and I have very rarely seen it done well. i have tried it once, but never again.

I also prefer past tense, but I acknowledge present tense has it's place if I need something to be very engaging. I'm just very anal about plot points and find that with the past tense it is easier to get away with dumping information. Present tense requires fast paced and relevant information at all times, as a reader, it makes you pay attention at all times, and I am usually too lazy for that.

Genera wise I enjoy writing and reading Sci-Fi And Fantasy, I have done a few realistic stories, but I have problems keeping myself interested in them. If there are no magical plot devices, I usually revert to giving the characters hallucinations or something extreme dramatic to give an unreal amount of tension. It's hard for me to please myself when I write.(Bow Chika Bow Wow)

I haven't read much recently, but i plan on reading Game of Thrones and a few old sci-fi books my dad gave me. My favorite Book series is Eragon, despite it's many faults, because it's skill level is much higher then the age of the writer would subject, and the faults it has help me to see and avoid them. other then Eragon, I would have to say the Harry Potter series, followed closely with hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, Tarzan, Artemis Fowl, and John Carter of Mars.

But in terms of "Works of art" I will have to name "Lolita" as one of the most brilliantly written books of all time.

I'm working on a series of books right now, one of which is undergoing it's first rewrite. The others are not even half way finished yet.

There, you don't have to write as much, or as little, as I have, but you should post here none the less to introduce yourself as a writer.

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PostSubject: Re: Introductions   Sun May 20, 2012 10:34 pm

Suppose it's my turn next! This is Laura, just so everyone knows. My middle name is Celeste, so I just used my initials for my username.

In terms of my writing, there's a quote from Bernard Cornwell's book The Winter King that sums it up best:
"The bards sing of love, they celebrate slaughter, they extol kings and flatter queens, but were I a poet I would write in praise of friendship."
I will read and write any genre, but what I like best is writing about characters that have strong connections to each other, that are brave and protective of the people they care about. If my main characters aren't getting along, there is major trouble.

Also, if my stories don't have some element of humor about them, then at least they have to have characters who have a fairly bright outlook on life. I tried to write a dark story once, with a very dark main character. It fell flat. Complete melodrama. So I'll avoid that.

Right now I'm reading everything that Terry Pratchett ever wrote, so if my writing style starts to sound like his then I apologize. I just really love his writing.

Also, I tend to write in bursts of inspiration, and occasionally without too much long-distance planning. I have to wait until the pieces click together in my head for me to get anything decent on paper. This usually happens at some evening hour, and results in a lack of sleep.

So, there you have it. I'm working on a couple of pieces right now, one short, one middle-length, and one that might be fairly long if I ever manage to work out the time travelling bit. Lack of planning is a terrible thing when writing time travel.
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