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Sometimes writers encounter blocks. or plot holes. but sometimes, you encounter a glaring flaw of logic and reason that had escaped for so may pages that there is no way to turn back and Oh My GOD NOTHING WORKS ANYMORE.

This happened to me once. I got halfway through a Novel only to realize that I had no real plan and that I had written myself into a corner. i had been running on plot threads so random and disjointed that they were similar to those in a soap opera.

I have decided to scrap that idea entirely and fuse the plot with another, similar story idea i had. So right now i am in the process of Character and Creature Chemistry. I'm mixing and matching and I'm trying very hard to make a system that will work with the main plot.

Long story short, i''m going to post some notes, and i would like you all to tell me how weird/bad/good/ these ideas are, and more importantly, how i can improve.

what i have so far,

So, The main plot is as follows, i have divided it into several aspects. (this is going to be long)


Tolkein? In MY Fantasy Novel? i don't think so.

The world was scattered, only small uncivilized villages protected humanity.
Then the darkness came, and with it, the Nomons. The Nomons are a race that can change their form to anything they desire and feed off of the living.
The lower Nomons feed off of flesh and blood,
Higher ones can live on thoughts and dreams, and posses the minds of living creatures
The highest eat souls and can posses inanimate objects.
Body, Mind, Soul. The darkness fed on humans until another race was born.

The C'kera(don't ask how it is pronounced, it looks cool), those with metal for bones and clay for skin. Said to be the invention of man. Their bones, if broken, heal larger and longer, and can be used as weapons and tools. they are stronger, heavier, faster, and smarter then other humans, on average. They prefer to use technology, and are trained in killing Nomons.

The last race are the Chimeras, part man, part beast. Some have wings, some have fins, all are powerful. They have no organized governments, but some large tribes.

A man then rose at this time and made an empire out of Man, Chimera, and C'kera, and threw back the Nomons to the outskirts of the world.

The king was powerful, but knew that no man could outlive time. To choose succession, and keep order, he developed a system of three guardians to the throne, to decide upon an heir.

The first, guardian of the sword, would keep the family sword and pass it on to the next generation. He would remember all legal inheritance rights as well.

The Second, Guardian of the Blood would follow the closest blood relative to the king, regardless of marriage, law, or competency. he would also be master at arms.

The last, the Guardian of the Spirit would follow and support the Individual they feel is best for the throne. he would be a body guard, and peacemaker.

A Majority of 2 rules, (and each Guardian chooses their own heirs before they die). This system worked for a good 1000 years.

The Nomons had united to fight back against the Kingdom many times of the millennium, but every time failed. No one knows who first uttered the phrase, but it stuck, and has been the rallying cry for many years in the darklands,

"She shall ride upon black fire, an heir to two thrones, and she shall crush the thousand year empire with an army of one man"


Okay, so, the day came that a Queen(blood related to original king) had two daughters, and no sons. one daughter was illegitimate, and half Nomon, only revealing herself once the old Queen died.

The G of the Sword sided with the King, being the male next of kin, he would legally be the king.

The G of Blood sided with the Full Blood Daughter of the Queen.

The Illegitimate daughter, before a quick assassination attempt, was saved by the G of Spirit. The G of Spirit, supported the Half Nomon.

There is no majority, and for the first time there was debate for the throne. This leads to civil strife all over the nation.

The Half Nomon ran and believes that she is the Hier to Two Thrones, and her one man army is the G of Spirit. She tries to then find a Blackfire Dragon, a rare breed of dragon that she believes the Prophesy references.

The Fullblood Daughter and her father have a heated legal battle, ending in civil war.


Not yet. I have chosen to tell the story from the perspective of a common thief for now. It will also be told from the perspective of every major character later, but i wanted to show the little guy as well as the big shots in this story.

The story begins with a Thief stealing a dragon Egg. Unknown to him is the fact that the last Blackfire dragon has died, and he holds the last egg, of the only dragon it mated with. He holds the egg for the dragon that is said to destroy the kingdom.

Shenanigans ensue.

Each character has a story in my head, some more defined then others, i may post them later. Thoughts? tldr?

Also, post some of your own writing debacles if you wish.

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